Last update: 2007

Cyril Bouthors
Phone: available on request by email
23 rue Juliette Dodu, 75010 Paris, France
French Nationality, single, long-term visa and resident card in Madagascar as investor
International Driving License (car, bike)

Cyril Bouthors

Systems Architect


Provide innovative, high performance and reliable web solutions by working in the Free Software community


  • 14 years of experience in high performance and high availability computing
  • Problem solving skills, can work under pressure
  • Fast learner with strong motivation
  • International and immediate mobility
  • Documentation skills
  • Free Software culture
  • Employment

    2003 to 2007 -- ISVTEC -- Technical director, Founding partner -- France, Madagascar, Polynesia, Web hosting facility
  • Definition and deployment of the global architecture. Mastered the evolution, the flow dynamics and the load
  • Services migration organization between distinct data-centers with no service interruption for the end-user
  • Management of 4'000 clients, 30Mb/s of traffic, 10'000 email accounts, 5'000 domains, 5'000 databases, 6TB of usable disk-space after redundancy and backup, 25'000'000 files, 80 Debian/Linux servers with high availability clustering and high performance setup with Heartbeat, IPVS and DRBD
  • Hiring, training and evaluation of the development and hotline teams (4 and 2 people, accordingly)
  • Ensure 24/7 services and hotline operation of levels 1-2-3 with night and week-end shifts. Remote management of the level 1 for maintainance and hardware deployment
  • Selection and interface with the providers: rack-mount servers, data-centers, IP transit and peering, registrars
  • Services provided by the platform: PHP, MySQL, DNS, POP3 (SSL), IMAP (SSL), SMTP, FTP, rsync, Webmail
  • White branding of services. References: Swisstools, HostForX,, Freegaia, WordTec
  • Each component used to operate the hosting facility is Free Software. The team has contributed many feature improvements to Debian
  • Consulting and training
  • International consultant regarding architecture and systems administration of platforms with strong needs in availability, performance and volume
  • Trainer in advanced Linux systems administration, Apache, clustering, high availability and Free Software
  • References: French Finance Ministry, Hospitals of Paris, Linagora, Pok3d
  •, Software development
  • Development, improvement and maintenance of client/server applications
  • Creation of tailor-made e-commerce shops based on osCommerce with specific back-office
  • Projects and plannings management, writing of the technical specifications and business proposal
  • Writing of technical manuals describing installation, operation, use and maintenance of the programs delivered
  • Delegation of the tasks to the 4 developers
  • Technical interface with the clientele
  • Hiring and management of freelance graphists and salesmen
  • Free Software releases: Webfinance, PHPLinker
  • References: Alice ADSL, Laguiole
  • Facilities management
  • Management of servers and complex platforms. Installation, deployment, maintenance, security and housing
  • Ensure 24/7 operation with guaranteed h+2 intervention delay
  • References: APSL, E-voir
  • Company management
  • Co-CEO and founding partner of the company, majority shareholder, creation of branches in France, Madagascar and Polynesia, hiring of associates
  • Writing of business models, investor files, bank loans files
  • Budget management of 150k€/y
  • Human resources management: 8 employees
  • Subcontracting and coordination of the sales, marketing, communication, graphic, juridic and accounting activities
  • Selling of the Polynesian branch. Acquisition of the shares of the French and Malgache branches
  • Appointed and trained a substitute manager for the business
  • 1999 to 2003 -- Tiscali France, Telecom Italia -- Systems Administrator, Team Leader -- Paris

    Web hosting facility: Alice ADSL Personal homepages,,
  • Long term architecture evolution and system administration for personal web hosting services, I was the second technical hires
  • Team manager (four to seven system administrators)
  • Design and setup of large (~2 TeraBytes) access storage based on a low cost distributed solution (Software RAID, PC based hardware, Apache/WU-FTPD frontends)
  • Transparent service migrations organization from New York to Paris. Migration of eight Tiscali hosting services from various European countries to our hosting infrastructure
  • Monitoring system setup based on Nagios (ex-Netsaint), MRTG, RRD and Remstats. Ensure 24/7 operation of 40 GNU/Linux servers
  • The hosting platform was initially used by 30'000 users (4Mb/s average bandwidth). Under my supervision it grew to 500'000 users (200Mb/s average bandwidth) and 1'000 HTTP hits per second. From a marketing and technical point of view, Tiscali web hosting services are a known European leader
  • Each component used to operate the hosting facility is Free Software. The system administration team authored some programs and contributed fixes and enhancements to others. My involvement in the Free Software community was instrumental to establish this standard
  • Software Languages and Tools

    Clustering / High Availability: DRBD (official Debian maintainer), Heartbeat, IPVS, ldirectord, LVM2, Cfengine, DRBDLinks (official Debian maintainer), DSH, ClusterSSH
    Virtualization: KVM, libvirt, VServer, Xen
    Languages: BASH shell scripting, Perl, PHP, C, SQL, m4, Turbo Pascal, ASM x86, QBasic
    Monitoring: Nagios (ex-Netsaint, many plugins contribution), Munin, MRTG
    Software: Apache, MySQL, BIND 9, ProFTPD, OpenSSH, Exim, Sendmail
    Networking: Netfilter IPtables, tcpdump, IPTraf, IPchains, UCD-SNMP
    Development tools: Emacs, CVS, Mantis, Make, Autoconf, debbugs
    Operating Systems: Debian (official developer), Ubuntu, RedHat, FreeBSD
    Text processing: LaTeX, SGML, Groff, HTML Kernel Linux


    English: Read, spoken, written. Fluent in technical English
    French: Mother tongue
    Spanish: 2 years studies
    Malgache: Basic knowledge
    Russian: Basic Cyrillic alphabet readings

    Volunteer Work

    2001 to present Debian Operating System Project (
    Packages development and maintenance, inclusion in the official distribution. Massive bug reporting
    2001-2002 Free Software Foundation Europe (
    System co-administration. Development of a geographical community positioning system. Papers for tax-deductible donations in France
    2001-2002 GNU Project (
    Nagios monitoring (ex-Netsaint)
    1998 to 2004 Free Software Association from Lyon ( -- Lyon
    Co-organization of install parties, conferences and Free Software days, vice-president in 2003


    2007-2008 CNAM -- Paris
    DPCT Informatique preparation
    1998-1999 Lycee Edouard Branly -- Lyon
    Bachelor of Electronics (warning: bachelor in France does not have the same meaning than in the US or Canada)

    Personal Interests

  • Travels: Madagascar, French Polynesia, Russia, USA, Western Europe, Mauritius
  • Electronic music
  • Movies
  • First aid diploma (AFPS: Attestation de Formation au Premiers Secours)
  • References

    References are available upon request